Leaving the Bahamas

Date: 21 May 2012

The faithful day has arrived. Corwin and Chantelle wanted to go swimming before breakfast
today. That is the sign that it is now too warm for us in the Bahamas. There have been
a bunch of other signs too. We opened our last bag of cookies 2 nights ago. We have
5 cans of chicken left and 15 cans of Vienna sausages left. We had to buy a bag of
rice. No more corned beef hash left. No more mashed potatoes. No more pineapple chunks.
Out of Mama Murphies pizza crusts. Out of Pepperoni. Only 20 boxes of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese
left. Down to just dried onions – no more fresh ones. All of our Bahamian bread
eaten. No more Irish butter. We do have enough food to make the United States.
We probably have 2 or 3 weeks of stuff left – but it is near the end. Our last serious
grocery store shopping was in Annapolis Maryland in October of last year. We added
about $150 of last minute stuff in Brunswick Georgia just before the 73 hour trip
to Andros, Dec 28 to Jan 1. That means that our provisioning effectively lasted from
October to May. That’s a jaunt.

The Final Swim in the Bahamas

The other sign is our weather window. We have just had tropical storm “Alberto” form
north of us. It is moving away and there is the potential for a more serious
tropical depression forming in the southwestern Caribbean. It will not reach
the Bahamas until this upcoming Wednesday. That gives us 3 days to move
north of it in calm weather and fair seas. Today will be motoring in less than
5 miles an hour of wind. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon we will get about 10
miles an hour of wind from the South East – that is the forecast – and it will
make for a pleasant sail for 24 hours.

We are headed off to Green Turtle Club to get our last jerry can of Diesel and
get rid of a little trash. Then out into the North Atlantic just north of Manjack