Ocracoke and Manteo, NC

Date: 13 June 2012

This is our 7th time in Ocracoke, but it isn’t until this trip that I feel like I got to know the place. The first time we came it was in the middle of the extremely busy tourist season. I felt like I was in the way of cars and pedistrians. This time we are here at the beginning of the season.

In the five days that we have spent here, Chantelle has gone to her favorite bead store 3 times. She made me a lovely necklace and earrings.

We’ve walked the half a mile to the local grocery store. This is the first store that’s been easy for us to get to in the U.S. Then we had to make all the choices we haven’t been able to have in five months. What kind of chips? Cheese? Meat?

Now that we are back in the U.S. we are running our refrigerator. Our diet is still pretty much the same, except now we can have leftovers. That means we can have more variety at our meals. Before this if we didn’t eat everything it got thrown away. Of course we all had our cravings of things to eat. Chantelle wanted a grocery store Rotessire Chicken. Philip and Corwin wanted steak. I wanted cheesecake.

At Manteo we rented a car and revisited the Hattaras Lighthouse. When we were here two years ago, it was closed and we were unable to climb it. We made the climb and looked out to where our boat has been offshore. It was stunning. Next we went shelling and found smooth, flat sea shells. Then we had our culture shoke by visiting a Harris Teeters grocery store. it was bigger than all of the grocery stores that we visited in the Bahamas combined.

We spent two days at the kid’s favorite museum on the East Coast, the Roanoke Island Festival Park Museum. It’s very close to where our boat is docked.

We’ve been very luck with the weather temperature wise. This has been a cool spring for us. So we haven’t suffered from the heat to much.